Introduction of ÆON Group

ÆON Group is consisting of about 300 Subsidiary Companies with a focus on Retail Business, which was found 260 Years Ago with Operation Revenue 8,390 Billion Japanese YEN and 550,000 Employees working as the Largest Retail Industry Conglomerate in JAPAN.

260 Years Ago

Okadaya, an ÆON predecessor, started business in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture in 1758.

8,390 Billion

Operating Revenues
A highly competitive company that creates synergy among its businesses, ÆON has achieved the highest operating revenue in Japan’s retailing Industry.

550,000 People

Number of Group Employees
Uniting over 300 Group companies in Japan and Overseas.

13 Countries

Countries / Regions Served in Asia
Since the launch of business in Malaysia in 1984, ÆON has begun operations in Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries in Asia. ÆON is steadily expanding the regions it serves, mainly in Asia.

40.3 Million People

ÆON Card Cardholders
ÆON initiated its financial services business in 1981 as a means to provide useful payment services for everyday purchases. The number of ÆON Card cardholders is approximately 40.3 million and is increasing in Japan and other Asian countries.

As a member of ÆON Group, we are providing Financial Business.