AEON Credit Service Careers

Why Join Us

Fast Growing Organization

ÆON credit Service India Private limited is a fast growing organization. Since it’s inception, the company has grown substantially and is continuing in its growth spurt.

ÆON offers a world of opportunities to grow every day. At ÆON you get to be a part of a dynamic, fact paced and result oriented work environment.

You are challenged every day to demonstrate your potential and grow not just professionally, but personally as well.

Transparent and Fair Practices :

ÆON is a corporate group that respects human dignity and values personal relationships. We believe in individual’s freedom of ideas and life. All ÆON people are equal under the ÆON Principles and respect each other.

Our values and guiding principles ensures a transparent and system oriented work culture. Further our established policies and practices pertaining to Code of conduct, equal employment, Anti Sexual Harassment, Whistle blower etc. safeguards the employee’s interests and creates an amiable work culture, on the other hand our disciplinary policy enable us to drive them.

We believe in an open door policy and everyone working at ÆON ensures their approachability to create a Positive and productive work culture

We believe in a workplace environment where each employee can work with high aspirations and realize the importance of self-development. We continuously promote self-development by offering open-ended training and mentoring to empower our employees to plot their own career paths.

Cross-Cultural Diversity

ÆON having its presence in more than 12 nations, provides a world class exposure and diversified cultural experience.

We constantly create a framework and environment that is accommodating for employees regardless of gender, age or nationality and within which each employee’s individuality can be respected and a diverse range of personnel can flourish.